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Restaurant System

Waiters take orders for customers by phone. Chefs receive orders with monitor in kitchen. Orders are printed in kitchen and bar. You can reference to Android Market for more detail. Please try Restaurant System in your phone or tablet; also remember to open up order monitor. We provide tailor-make restaurant system for customer's specific requirements. For more information, please call (852) 5102 8303 or email to

• Time saving: waiters take orders, chief directly receive orders, kitchen and bar print receipts.
• Checkable orders: orders are save in database.
• High customizing: we can custom restaurant system to meet your need.
• Efficiency: multiple phones and tables can take orders at same time.
• Easy to use: login restaurant system, open table, then you can work on other functions.


手機版餐飲系統,是新的嘗試,希望各位喜歡。歡迎下載試用, 記得打開落單情況頁面。我們還提供定制餐飲系統以符合客戶的要求。如需要更多資料,請致電(852) 5102 8303 或電郵